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Chris While

"The best singer in England" Eddi Reader

"She rises like an angel from the ashes with a voice to match" The Guardian

“She has the heart of a poet and the eyes of a painter. Her writing is literate, credible, forthright and honest. Her voice is beautiful, a term I very rarely use when describing the deliveries of most singers. It is emotion packed without ever being melodramatic, compassionate without being needlessly sentimental, damning when she fervently believes certain issues need to be confronted head on, but always making for compelling listening. A quite superb album from one of the most notable women, currently living up to the reputation she has quite painstakingly built over a number of years in the contemporary folk scene.”
Maverick Magazine (five stars)

"People will try to compare Chris While's voice to others but as Folk Roots wrote of her, "She learns from many, takes from few and comes away her own woman, She is quite simply a skillful, powerful and beautiful singer/songwriter and superb guitarist at the top of her game."

She left the Albions in 1997 afer a 4 year stint to pursue a full time career with her duo partner Julie Matthews. While & Matthews have been nominated ten times in the best live act and best duo categories at the BBC Folk awards  and Chris has been nominated in the best song category for ' The Light In My Mother's Eye'. In 2009 they won the best duo award.

They have released ten studio albums and two live ones as well as a Best of While and Matthews compilation. 

Their latest Album Shoulder to Shoulder was released in September 2017.

Chris has five solo albums, Still on fire 1991, By Request 1992, Look at me now 1993, In the Big Room 1997 and the critically acclaimed Rosella Red 2007.

Chris, along with Julie Matthews, Christine Collister, Melanie Harrold & Helen Watson form the vocal band Daphne's Flight, a powerhouse of incredible voices. They made their only album to date in 1996 and followed with a tour. In 2017 for their 21st anniversary, they re-united with a major tour and a suberb new album, 'Knows Time, Knows Change', This year they offer a stunning new stdio album 'On Arrival'.

One the biggest joys in Chris's life however is to sing with her Daughter .....

Kellie While

In her mid-twenties, after years of touring with The Albion Band, e2K and as a solo performer Kellie decided to pursue a career in radio production. She is now Head of Creative at 7digital in London and her job keeps her away from performing much of the time these days. However, Kellie still finds some time each summer to play a handful of gigs with her Mum.

Each December she also takes to the road with The Albion Christmas Band (alongside Ashley Hutchings, Simon Nicol and Simon Care), which has been touring for 20 years and attracts sell-out audiences across the UK.

As a guest vocalist, Kellie has been a much sought-after contributor to other people's projects including albums by artists such as Martin Simpson, Black Sedan, Roy Bailey and Thea Gilmore and live collaborations with Eddi Reader, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Fairport Convention.

Kellie has been the producer of the BBC Folk Awards for the last half dozen years or so and Mark Radcliffe's Folk show before that. She has produced and written many acclaimed documentaries for Radio 4.

"Ms While can feel very satisfied with this album, it is, by turns witty, pithy and punchy and deserves to place her in the vanguard of British folk. She is a seriously talented woman" fRoots

Interview with Kellie in M Magazine

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